How my 10-sense came to be

We all have opinions, and I am certainly not an exception…and my wonderfully supportive Mom used to say she found my 2- cents useful. She also complained from time to time that she wished it was still 10 cents to get on the subway. Well, Mom, times have changed and it is no longer 10 cents to get on the NYC Subway. Most everything has gotten more expensive. So, I feel it’s only fair to keep up with the times by acknowledging that not only have the pennies for my opinions have gone from 2 to 10…hopefully what I say helps us make more sense.

Welcome to My10-sense

There are many issues that I want to blog about and there certainly is no shortage of topics from which to choose from in the Fall of 2017. Of course, that would be me and a million other people who have STRONG feelings, positions and opinions about lots of issues facing all of us.

So, I have given a great deal of thought to WHAT has captured my attention recently. What story am I really interested in. It wasn’t hard to figure that out. And I said recently to a friend, I have NO idea where this “stuff” is leading.

So, without further adieu, I invite you to join me on an adventurous journey while I explore Interspecies Relationships.

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