Welcome to Kathy Dee’s View.

My intention is to make this space an intersection for Inspiration, Innovation and Joy.

Make a cuppa, pull up a chair and enjoy the view

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Why am I offering Kathy Dee’s View.

I know more friends and colleagues who are not on social media….and don’t want to join….and… it’s a fun way to keep up with each other. And the ones that are on social media want to see and read “all of my posts.”

I have an amazing life journey. Folks who have heard my stories want more…so, they’ll be here too.  And there are some new ones to be told.

Project Archives

  • Garbage Patches
  • The Gluten Free Neighborhood
  • PASA (People Against Sexual Abuse, Inc.,/ Positive Attitudes Solutions and Actions) and the work we did.
  • Craft/art work.
Facts about Kathy Dee

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY

Has had 2 careers

Sixteen years in the Entertainment Industry as a Master Theatrical Electrician, Lighting Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor. As a Wardrobe Supervisor and Dresser I was on staff at a major network, worked on Broadway as well as feature films.

Twenty years as a founding Executive Director of PASA: People Against Sexual Abuse, Inc., which later became Positive Attitudes, Solutions and Actions. Our focus was on youth leadership and development.

Currently living in the Pacific North West where it rains a lot.

How I See Myself

Pioneer and Innovator

Knows Stuff, Knits and likes to laugh



Lifelong learner

Loyal, Dependable and Friendly

A Tracker

How Others See Me

A Passionately Curious Seeker of Truth

Maven of Joy

A semi-retired activist

Seeker of new territories and skills

A visionary

Supremely loyal and totally unique

Life long learner

Looks for peaceful solutions to complex conflicts

Always willing to reinvent

A renaissance woman

Wise, thoughtful, kind and generous

Creative and artistic

Cultivates clarity of intention

Compassionately cuts through the noise and is not afraid to tell you what no one else will.

A steady pioneer on life’s journey who holds history, hope and heart

A person you want on you team, on your side and in your life

A mentor

Stories I Tell About Myself

What people spontaneously say about my views.

I never thought about/saw it like that.

That’s a really good question.

That’s a great idea

You’re very brave

You’re so creative